Fulani – feat. Willy Sahel


Abdou Rahime Diallo – Guinealead vocals, Bass & rhythm guitar, arrangements
Willy Sahel – Chadlead vocals, Bass & rhythm guitar, arrangements
Adebambo Akinwale – Nigeriae-piano, keyboards & background vocals
Mohamad Rafat – Palestinedrums & drum-arrangements
Dominique Nga Engeye – Cameroonlead & background vocals

our musicosophy

Fulani combines African and Caribbean styles such as Afro-zouk, Soca, Guinea-
Mali-Beats, Soukouss , Afro Beat, Latin and Reggae to the groove that provides
at their concerts joy , excitement, positive vibrations and dance explosion.

The positive energy, the wealth of music styles and languages (Fula, Mbaye,
Bambara English and French) arises from the diversity of origins of the
musician: Chad, Guinea, Nigeria and Palestine.

On stage, there is always a lively and powerful atmosphere among the
musicians , which occupies the hearts and legs of the spectator s and fans,
although many of the themes Fulani addresses have a serious background.
The close and positive relationship between Caribbean and Africa, the love and
longing for Africa , the lifestyle of his many sons and daughters in the diaspora,
the change of traditions and the challenges of the modern life ar e the messages
of their songs.

„Awa mahen“, like the Fulani nomads say, before they leave, “ Well, on the road “


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiFPN4QzTYY
Willy Sahel-Website:  https://www.willy-sahel.com/


Abdou Rahime Diallo

mail: diallora66@gmail.com

phone: +49 176 723 155 33